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Jetty Extracts


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Jetty Extracts Solventless

Jetty Extracts

Jetty Extracts offers consistent quality cannabis concentrates that are only getting better as they innovate new extraction methods that minimize processing to preserve more terpenes, cannabinoids, and other plant compounds. These cannabis oils are some of our favorites and as potent as they come. With Jetty extracts carts, you do not have to worry about getting a diluted product that values profit over quality. Jetty carts will provide a reliable and consistent high while tasting nice and delicious. Seriously, try the ice water extracted solventless Jetty Extracts cartridge. It’s the truth!

Potent and Powerful

Jetty Extracts are made with potent and clean cannabis to give you a high that is reliable and consistent. Nothing is more annoying than getting oils that are not strong and have weak effects. With Jetty, you’re getting cannabis that is of the highest quality. These Jetty Extract cartridges are long lasting and will give you a good time. Vapes are a great option for anyone looking for an alternative to smoking traditional cannabis flower. Vapes are smooth to inhale, while still maintaining a high level of potency and effectiveness.

All flavors:

Jetty Extracts GDP
Jetty Extracts Maui Wowie
Jetty Extracts Pineapple Express
Jetty Extracts Gelato
Jetty Extracts THC Bomb Solventless
Jetty Extracts Tropaya Solventless
Jetty Extracts Blue Banana
Jetty Extracts Legend OG
Jetty Extracts Super Lemon Haze Live Resin
Jetty Extracts Cherry Punch Dablicator




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